safety and fun can co-exist

Lollycadoodle is a designer of handmade, 100% wool pet toys and beds. Our toys are natural and biodegradable.

Dogs and cats love the natural wool smell and the warm, wooly snuggle they
experience with our toys and beds. Their humans love the bright colors and fun designs which make them a great pick for animals and humans alike.

Lollycadoodle wool toys are made through a process called "felting" which involves agitating wool with soap and water until the desired shape is formed. The final product is a soft, durable toy to which pets are naturally attracted. The dyes we use are always AZO-free.

All Lollycadoodle toys are handmade by trained artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal. The artisans are paid a fair wage for their craft and work under safe and pleasant conditions.

Find out why pets love our wool beds, mats and caves...

See the real Nepalese artisans behind all our beautiful products here

UPDATE! the cat caves will be here march 25th!

(shall we also call them dog dens?)

Cat Caves are Coming!
In stock now

Wool mats repel pet odors and are great for dogs AND cats. See collection here