safety and fun can co-exist

Lollycadoodle is a designer line of handmade, 100% wool
toys and beds. Our products are natural and made from a renewable resource.

Dogs and cats love the natural wool smell and the warm feel of our beds and toys.  All Lollycadoodle toys and beds are handmade by trained artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal in a Fair Trade facility. Felted with soap and water only, our wool dries in the Kathmandu sun and then is shipped to you. 

Some pets like to chew things up. If you have one of those pets, you know how important it is to buy toys which can't hurt your pet if ingested. Lollycadoodle pet toys never have bells or other objects which may cause intestinal blockage, and our naturally dyed wool is full digestible, should your pet decide to eat it. 

cats love to play, hide, and sleep

When you see how much your cat loves our cat caves, you'll wish we made them big enough for you. Like all of our products, our cat caves are made by felting wool. They are durable and easy to clean. To learn more about the process and meet the Nepalese artisans who create our beautiful toys and beds, click here.

 Cat Caves are now available for retail sale at The Grommet Meoww!