amazing wool beds

Here are some really great reasons why you and your pet will love owning a wool bed. I will leave it to you to decide who likes what the best:

Wool is . . .

warm in cool weather
cool in hot weather
resists dirt and stains (ever seen a sheep with a coffee stain?)
hypoallergenic (dust mites don't like wool!)
mildew resistant and anti-microbial
resists odor

I challenge your cotton or synthetic pet bed to do all that!

easy care instructions: 

Remove pet hair with a vacuum (upholstery attachment) or a damp cloth (using a circular wiping motion). Spot treat dirt or spills using a cloth with mild soap and water or diluted vinegar.  In the event that your pet takes a nap on the pet bed after frolicking in a mud puddle or has an... um... big accident, remove solids, soak in cold water with mild soap, roll in a bath towel to absorb water and let dry in the sun or in a warm, dry room

just remember: if sheep can get clean, so can your pet bed!   

Licorice says, "Get your own bed, Ginger!"